Cross Cultural Consultants (CCC) is an Indigenous owned and managed business based in the Northern Territory, with a strong commitment to Indigenous People, Communities and Organisations. Offering their clients the unique opportunity to increase staff participation, drive cultural change, deliver a consistent message of the importance of being culturally aware and competent, and assistance to close the gap across their current processes, CCC has a range of solutions to support sustainable outcomes for your organisation.

We provide training and consultancy services in the areas of cross cultural training, community & stakeholder engagement, cross cultural effectiveness and community capacity development and Reconcilitation Action Plans (RAP’s). Ultimately, our goal is to help build sustainable communities and organisations through an understanding of the underlying cultural frameworks that govern individual and group decision-making and behaviours.

Our community and stakeholder engagement process provides Government Departments, Not for Profit, Community and Indigenous Organisations, Mining, Construction, Oil and Gas Companies, as well as Private and Corporate Enterprise, with the foundations to build the capacity of individuals, communities and organisations to work effectively across cultures and deliver sound community & stakeholder engagement frameworks, including Social, Policy and Cultural Impacts.



Whatever your needs, no matter the size or scope of your company, Cross Cultural Consultants has the right training solutions.

Our training courses encourage participants to better understand the concept of culture. By examining their own cultural backgrounds, they will see how culture can impact on thier beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviours, as well as of those around them. Through understanding how their own self-concept develops, we believe that participants are better able to deal with the inevitable culture shock that arises from entering an unfamiliar culture.

Explore our main course offerings on our website www.cccnt.com.au, or get in touch for more information about your next course by emailing us admin@cccnt.com.au.


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