Cross Cultural Consultants (CCC) is an Aboriginal owned and managed business operating throughout the Northern Territory, Nationally and Internationally. Over the past 34 years we have established a first-class reputation as deliverers of highly effective training solutions and cross cultural consultancy services.

CCC is committed to creating opportunities for Social, Economic & Cultural Development through Strategic Training & Custom Consultancy Services.
We offer our clients the unique opportunity to increase staff participation and drive organisational cultural change. CCC delivers assistance to provide solutions in closing the gap across current workplace practice, working towards reconciliation.

Our company operates with a core team and a network of partners and associates, with experience in hands-on capacity building, engagement, evaluation, participatory learning and action at project, program and policy levels. We take a collaborative and integrated approach and consider skills, gender, culture and context factors in building a team for a project.


Whatever your needs, no matter the size or scope of your company, Cross Cultural Consultants has the right training solutions.

Cross Cultural Consultants offers a range of  learning options for anyone working in cross cultural context. Our courses are designed for all individuals, organisations and companies, assisting people to better understand, work and communicate effectively across diverse working environments.

CCC’s suite of cross cultural training provides participants opportunity to develop their cultural understanding and extend their cultural learning journey. Ultimately, our goal is to help build sustainable organisations and communities through an understanding of the underlying cultural frameworks that govern individual and group decision-making and behaviours.

By examining their own cultural backgrounds, learners will see how culture can impact on their beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviours, as well as of those around them. Through understanding how their own self- concept develops, we believe that participants are better able to understand working with the cultural differences.

Explore our main course offerings on our website www.cccnt.com.au or get in touch for more information about your next course by emailing us training@cccnt.com.au or phoning 08 8912 2510


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